This is me.

I am a woman, obviously, and I live in the south-east of England. A peaceful, pleasant if a little ordinary part of the world.

I live on my own with Elvis who you will be introduced to further on in my blog. He features quite heavily in my life because he makes a good, fluffy, cuddly companion. He is a cat.

Between the hours of roughly 9 to 5 every weekday I have to call myself a lawyer. I read and negotiate commercial leases and help people richer than me acquire properties which they occupy or lease to others.  It’s all part of the capitalist world I live in but it pays my rent and puts food on my table (and treats in Elvis’s bowl) so I shouldn’t grumble about it. Although I do.  Frequently.

The rest of the time I am a friend, sister, daughter and auntie.  I simply love to travel. I also try to go running, walking, swimming and to the gym quite a lot to counteract the effects of my love of food and booze.

I am at pains to tell nearly everyone that I am not a typical woman, if such a woman exists. I am not that into shoes, handbags or fashion, but I wear all of these things so I take a passing interest, because I don’t want to look like a freak but that’s where the interest ends.  I don’t do facials or mani-pedis. I can’t really see the point.  I look after myself but I don’t go mad and I the older I get the more I find myself not really giving a hoot what others think about me.  But like most people I do have moments of self-doubt and self-consciousness, but that’s normal and I can handle that.

As you will have gathered by now, I love to look at what is happening around me and I like to give my opinion on it. This blog will help me get that off my chest I hope. Do let me know if I am ranting.

I take photos, but I am by no means a professional photographer. I will put some of my favourites on here and on Instagram, so please follow me.

I also love Twitter and regularly Tweet so feel free to follow me on @SoSoMoFoBo


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