Why I am sad about Brexit

29 Sep

Of course I am depressed. Anyone who isn’t screaming or crying every time they hear the news right now is just not socially aware.
Sadly, it is now acceptable to be openly racist. Next it will be sexism and then misogyny. We are going back to the 1950s. We will have gone full circle. What little progress women made in the last 70 years will be eroded.

 Scotland will have another referendum and leave the UK, then join the EU, taking with it its vast natural resources. We will be left with fracking and nuclear power. Northern Ireland wants to split from the UK as well. Property prices will fall, but don’t applaud that because businesses in the UK who rely on European workers and contracts will go under meaning huge redundancies and recession – there will be no industry in England and Wales.

What was predicted has come to pass. Boris Johnson will be our PM. Donald Trump will be the leader of the free world. Together they will rail road the TTIP into existence and the UK will be powerless against it. The environment will suffer, the NHS will be privatised and ripped apart, our food and drink will be contaminated with hormones and chemicals by the huge drug companies. Large multi-nationals will be able to sue governments for trying to prevent them ravaging the world and its resources and repressed peoples. Rupert Murdoch’s right wing media will continue to peddle hatred and fear in the press and on TV. Everyone will hunker down and become more selfish, less compassionate and less humane. The whole world will go to hell.

So well done UK voters. Good luck with your decision. 


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