28 Jul

Yet another birthday, yet another fantastic dining experience. My friends know me well!

CUT at 45 Park Lane is part of the Dorchester Hotel.  But stuffy it is not.  Instead we found a tasteful, calm, reassuringly elegant spot for a birthday celebration.  Yes, we probably disturbed some rather intimate date nights, but no-one seemed to notice or mind.

Surrounded by original Damien Hirst paintings on the walls and some intriguing sculptural art works in the foyer, I was invited here in order to sample one of the must have foods on the planet – real deal Japanese Wagyu beef.  The cows are massaged and listen to music during their lifetimes, leading to some superbly tasty and satisfying meat.  The small portion I had, alone, cost £140 but it was oh-so worth it.  I could cut it with a spoon, even cooked medium rare.  The taste was almost like butter, but not oily, creamy with a very deep rich meat flavour.  I loved it.  I would recommend it.  Save up if you have to.

Starter was Scottish scallop cerviche.  One of my favourite ways of eating seafood.  Decorated with edible flowers, again, it was like no other cerviche I had tasted – and I’ve been to South America!  Lastly, I had to have dessert because the one thing that caught my eye was yet another dish I have never had, despite being a 70s child – Baked Alaska.  I was not disappointed.  Why did this dish fall out of fashion?  It’s fantastic.

The staff at CUT are wonderful.  Polite, attentive but inobtrusive. Friendly even.  After choosing a bread roll from the basket, the waiter then remembers which one you chose and asks you later if you want another of that specific roll. I found that amazing. Maybe I was drunk.  As for the wine – our personal Sommelier asked each of us what we had chosen to eat and then suggested the perfect wine accompaniment.  And he was not wrong.  Yes, he did suggest I try a £1000 bottle but I was honest and said “no way!” and he did then point out a £55 bottle which I agreed to and which was divine anyway. Just goes to show.


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