2 Mar

All hints of the industrial seedy past of Kings Cross have been sandblasted to oblivion a bit like Docklands. It’s sterile cleanliness now make it a pleasure to wander around the illuminated water features and the bare bones that remain of the old warehouses to find a tiny speck of India imported from a Bombay railway goods yard to be the Dishoom Kings Cross Godown.  A fusion of station waiting room, train shed and Raj country club, the food is part street, part local curry house but with intensity of flavour that take it just the right side of kitsch.  Lamb, chicken, prawns and veg, the staples of all Indian cooking, are expertly delivered in a fairly large selection of fairly dainty dishes.  Just order as much as your tiny table can handle, ditch anything non-essential, and get your hands dirty. The drinks are everything from twisted versions of old favourites such as Bollybellini and Chaijito, Bhang Lassi (laced only with rum) all the way to Malabar Monsoon coffee and the infamous chai.

If you like a curry but don’t want to wade through yet another suburban Tikka Masala and want to experience a little bit of the crush and hubbub of the sub-continent, stop off at Dishoom.

I’m intending to try the bacon naan roll one day, if I can get up early enough.


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