“Sophie for the Olympics!”

19 Apr

After six months of 5 days a week training, 6 am starts, rain, aggressive dogs, rude car drivers, friendly fellow runners, envying cyclists, protein shakes, sports massages, snow, hurricane winds, ice, running blogs, articles, forums, new kit, broken headphones, failed apps, lost GPS signals, blood, tears, energy gels, loss of social life, bramble scratches, nettle rash, hill sessions, tempo sessions, intervals, fartleks, stretches, foam rollering, kale smoothies, medicinal G&Ts, painkillers, advice from friends, support from everyone, high-fiving kids, blisters, skittish horses, runner’s trots, a pre-race Half, afternoon naps, minus temperatures, intense sunshine, a Christmas morning, swimming, cross training, being a running bore, scheduled rest days, training schedule scrutiny, route planning, segments, CRs, g-map, Garmin, Strava, Instagram, compiling playlists, llamas, mud, sweat, ITB, ligaments, Compeed plasters, Deep Heat, always taking the stairs, maranoia…

It all comes down to four hours and forty six minutes of actually running the marathon.


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