Limetree Kitchen

24 Mar

Limetree Kitchen – 14 Station Street Lewes

Apparently this place has been around for some time, possibly a few years, but it is so tucked away in the jumble of lanes that make up Lewes that it has become a quaint forgotten gem. It is only 2 minutes walk from the train station. The décor is French country kitchen meets Lewes boho but the food is superb. We had a charcuterie plate to share with “deconstructed Piccalilli” (I have no idea either but it was yummy), olives and rocket etc then Sussex rump steak, battered hake and shoulder of south downs lamb which mostly all come with triple fried chips and some cunningly fashioned puree that goes with whatever you’ve chosen – on massive slabs of slate, not tiny plates. The portions are just right, all washed down with some gorgeously fresh and flowery Italian Collio that I could have sipped all day whilst listening to the owner talk about how they make their own sorbets and ice creams with a machine that costs the same as a small car. Speaking of which we had, just for fun, a scoop of their tea and digestive biscuit ice cream (so so Heston) and a dollop of the raspberry and lemon sorbet (so so sharp) which so-so-sobered me up pretty quickly. To prove his prowess in the kitchen the chef gave us tasters of his speciality chocolate sorbet which is gluten and dairy free but you couldn’t tell. It is heaven on a silver spoon. I am a convert to sorbet. But next time I will have their assiette du chocolat. Who wouldn’t?

This is a delightful little restaurant for lunch with pals or a good place to take a foodie client. The cute chef and the maître d’ will regale you with gastronomic stories for as long as you have time and the prices are pretty reasonable for what you get. The only weird thing about the whole experience is the outside toilet. It is like going back in time to the 18th Century. Not cool.


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