Bula Fiji!

12 Jan

Bula, bula, bula – the word meaning hello, welcome, g’day, howdy – resounds as soon as you arrive in this beautiful land of Fiji.

And it truly is beautiful.  It is green and looks lush and bountiful and it is.  There are street vendors all along the roads selling pineapples and the sweetest mangoes and papaya I have ever tasted.  There are acres of sugar cane plantations and of course endless palm trees, vibrant green rolling hills and the warmest blue seas, surf, coral and beaches.  It is my idea of paradise, and everyone else’s it seems too.

My only immediate regret was that we were not there longer.  This visit was only a tag-on to our main holiday in Australia, but being so close we decided to take the opportunity to have a look. Who knows when we’ll be in the South Pacific again!  So we checked into the Outrigger on the Lagoon  and were made to feel so welcome by all the friendly staff.  Whilst we were there we decided to just relax and enjoy and that’s exactly what we did.  It was so easy in that place.  Especially when we discovered the adults only pool and lounge area and the Kalo Kalo bar on the hill above the resort which we had all to ourselves to watch the magical sunset over a delicious cocktail.  Alas, the mosquitoes seemed to love the place too and I was attacked from all angles that first night.

We had a fun night with an Aussie couple in the locals’ bar next door to our resort.  We got drunk on local beer and some highly colourful cocktails and cleared the bar with our merrymaking!

We didn’t do too much else, except I went diving with DiveAway Fiji for one day.  The sea was 30C, the fish were abundant but alas the coral was not great.  I think it had suffered from the tourism but it was still an enjoyable two dives and a great way to spend a Monday morning.  There are white tip sharks and turtles but I missed them unfortunately.  Next time.

Simon and I also took advantage of the spa and had some very relaxing treatments.  Apart from that we loved the beach, the sea, the snorkelling on the house reef, the cocktails, the pool, the swim up bar and of course the food.  During our entire holiday we enjoyed some amazingly delicious food.  The Aussies and the Fijians know how to give good food and that is certainly the way to a tourist’s heart.

Alas, our time in Fiji came to a close.  The resident house band sang us a farewell song at breakfast which was such a touching end to our brief stay and we headed back to Sydney for a day before flying back to dreary, cold, wet London.  But Fiji is still evident by the tan on my skin, the photos on my camera, and of course by the daydreams in my head.  Vinaka Fiji, I will be back…IMG_3746IMG_3785IMG_3697



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