Adventures in online dating

21 Nov

OK, internet dating. I have succumbed.

I am surprised at the number of sexist men who still exist out there and why they think patronising sexism will attract a woman.

I am not a “gal”, good looking or otherwise.

I am not married and never have been, not because I am desperately waiting for a man to pluck me off the shelf so I can have the honour of being his wife – but because I have chosen not to get married.  Men find that odd.  Some men seem to think women want and need to get married. Unbelievable in this day and age.

Also, learn the art of acceptance. When someone does not return your “wink” or message it means they are not interested.  It does not mean they are playing hard to get or are shy.  In the immortal phrase – “she’s just not that into you”. Get over it. Persistence is not attractive.

Happy dating, losers!




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