6 Nov

Consider this poem by Thomas Hood (1789-1845)

No sun – no moon!

No morn – no noon-

No dawn – no dusk – no proper time of day.

No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease

No comfortable feel in any member –

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees

No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds –


Not the best bit of PR for this month, but I guess it’s quite true.

But November isn’t such a bad month – for me anyway.

It was on the 5th of this month 23 years ago that I took possession of my pride and joy – Bugsy the white 1971 VW Beetle. And I still have her to this day.  Now she languishes in my garage, covered in a blanket, slowly rusting, tyres almost flat. Battery too. But I still love her, as much as one can love a lump of metal. I know it’s irrational and illogical but I guess it’s because I “grew up” with that car. I bought her when I was only 17 and still learning to drive. I passed my test 7 weeks later and the world was my oyster.  I’ve been pretty much all over the country in her, she took me though uni, through many love affairs, but the love affair I started on 5 November 1989 is the one that has lasted. I have few digital photos of her, but many many regular pictures, stacked in my loft. Here is the only one I can find right now:

It was also in this month, the 9th in fact, that I bought this house I live in now. It sticks in my memory because it is this house that was the first I bought all by myself and on which I sweated, cried and probably bled, in redeveloping. I can say that because I did move a few walls. I have painted every single surface in this house, inside and out.  I tend the garden and I keep it clean and tidy as best I can.  It’s where Elvis and I call home.  I’ve had a few parties and barbecues. I’ve had a few friends and family stay over. It’s not the prettiest of properties and it’s not the largest. But it’s great for me and Elvis. With views out the back to the meadows where I run and the South Downs in the distance, the location is why I like it. It’s quiet and yet close enough to town to get to the station and to get supplies. I don’t want to sound like an estate agent, but that’s the truth.  Come and visit us sometime!

Of course there is Bonfire Night. Who doesn’t love a good firework display and a burning effigy? Remembrance Sunday and now Movember also give November some meaning. And its only a month away from Christmas. It’s not such a cheerless month.



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