Hot Men!

4 Nov

As it is a cold, grey Sunday winter evening my thoughts naturally turn to things to cheer my heart.  Right now that is some of the beautiful men in my life. Well, I wish they all were, but they do all have one thing in common – they are super hot!

This summer I was fortunate enough to meet an Olympian.  If I’d had my blog at the time I would have posted all the detail as it happened, but to recap, I went to the Olympics on 5 August, as the greatest show on earth was being played out in London for all the world to see.  That night as the crowds were all milling around the big screen trying to watch the mens’ 100m final race, who should I spot in the crowd standing next to us but South African gold medal winning swimmer Chad Le Clos.  Imagine my surprise and delight!  We chatted to him, told him how great he was and had our photos taken with him (below).  He was down to earth and lovely and I am smitten.  I do in fact have an obsession for the man, but what a man!


Whilst on the subject of South African gold medal winners, Oscar Pistorius is another example of male perfection who sprinted into all our lives at the Olympics and Paralympics this year.

And lastly, with the hype over the whole James Bond franchise this year and a new Bond film, Daniel Craig makes my list.  Yum!


What do you think?


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